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Summer 2016

Anchors Anthony Akintonde and Olivia Butts recap the Summer 2016 academy. Watch video

From spitting stanzas to singing in the children’s choir, the teens share what is most important to them. Listen to podcast

A look inside the battle against dress code rules aimed at female students. Read more

If you’re clean, then you probably aren’t part of the cool team. Read more

The campaign to save unadoptable dogs heats up. Read more

Wave of violence rises on the West Side but youth groups stand firm. Read more

Colleges look at more than just SATs. And that’s a good thing. Read more

Children with autism and their families struggle to stay afloat. Read more

Kids with disabilities are often the prime subjects of bullying. Read more

Former foster youth are more likely to live on the streets or in shelters. Here’s why. Read more

African prints are a hot fashion trend, but some people don’t know its origins. Read more

Despite the statistics, some Chicago teens find work. Read more

An out-of-towner locates a few hidden places in Chicago. Read more

Native American teens are changing stereotypes and inspiring others. Read more

A new book about taking risks helps young women expand their worlds. Read more

Meditation appears to be a rare state for distracted teens. Read more

Teens struggle with stress and parents can be part of it. Read more

Experts look at whether blacks have the power to discriminate against whites. Read more

An urban myth? Are there kids who have never traveled to or seen downtown Chicago? Read more

Financial resources for college are thin for undocumented students. Read more

Pointless violence, bad characters spell unintentional comedy for this remake. Read more

Family history and mental illness are at the core of this thriller. Read more

A film classic feels as modern today as it did in 1961. Read more

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